Advanced Learning Innovation

Powerful Workflows. Interactive Learning. Automated Compliance. An Advanced Experience. 

An Advanced Learning Experience Network

Our Learning Management System was designed to not only deliver interactive learning but to create opportunities for improvement beyond learning across the organization. ALEN integrates custom plugins and systems to provide an efficient solution to different workflow needs, leveraging its flexibility and capability to grow alonside teams and organizations. 

ALEN Learning Management System integrates solutions as a network for a comprehensive learning experience

The Power of ALEN

The source of its power starts with empowerment. Each element of ALEN is designed to empower the next, creating a network of solutions that works as a unit to establish new frameworks and foster a growth enviroment. 

Learning & Growth
Integrated Plugins
Data & Reporting
UX & Custom Branding
Mobile Learning
Saas integration

Transform your Workflow

Technology designed to make things easier and more efficient. ALEN integrates custom plugins to maximize workflow and create new opportunities for development.

Document Management System

Track and manage your employees’ documents and certifications. Enable automated expiry notifications, synchronize course completion and more. 

Advanced Classroom

Enable Self-enrollment options for online and in-person training sessions. Allow for automatic waitlist and multi-session options, and sync your calendar with a full notification suite. 


Admins and users can run a comprehensive personal report, which includes courses, documents and policies.

Policy Tracker

Create, manage and track corporate policies. Establish new hierarchies and automated notifications, and ensure 100% compliance.


Create an attendance record of each training session, sync with Advanced Classroom create attendance reports and set partial grades. 

Report Wizard

Access custom reporting capabilities and build reports based on specific criteria. Include charts and export data options.


Manage and sync HRIS files, Graph Sync, Azure/AD Syncing and more from one instance in a streamlined process. 

Form Builder

Build new forms as easy as using a drag-and-drop interface, followed by automated custom workflows, approval processes, hierarchies and lateral movements.

UserSets & Curriculums

Create custom user sets and curriculums to segment your learning strategy and enable comprehensive workflows for learning and management. 

Custom Certificate

Design custom certificates with your branding for course completions and achievements. Email certificates, sync with DMS. 


Generate license keys for different cohorts and organizations. Keep track of access and permissions. 

Performance Review

Manage Performance Reviews in a streamlined and organized manner with self-evaluations, pre/post surveys, reminders, supervisor reviews, and additional features. 

Venue Admin

Empower select users to match special roles and provide them with the ability to manage plugins, run reports or view data for specific user sets. 

Registration Forms

Custom forms are your first step to enable access and registration processes for courses and training programs. Enable custom notifications, bulk registration and more. 

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Powering Learning Innovation

ALEN powers community-driven training programs focused on health, safety and innovation. Empowering industries with new standards and efficient technology to keep high-performing teams safe and healthy.

Go Mobile Anywhere, Anytime

ALEN Mobile is the official mobile app to access all your training, documents, certifications, and more, adding flexibility and convenience to your professional development journey. 

  • Access courses anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Download/Upload content for Offline completion.
  • Custom Branding
  • Upload Documents & Certifications
  • Reports & Data
Available for download
ALEN Mobile eLearning App
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