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Transform your learning, development and workflow strategies with a new approach to Organizational Development.

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Creating Experiences Together  

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An Advanced Learning Experience Network

As an open-sourced Learning Management System, ALEN is designed by Premergency Inc. to integrate and provide strategic workflow solutions focused on Employee and Organizational Development. 

ALEN integrates specialized plugins for ongoing improvement, enabling your team to create a flexible framework that aligns seamlessly with their objectives, achieving higher results.

Learning & Development

Leverage interactive tools, reports and data to build highly engaging courses and develop efficient learning paths! 

Optimized Workflow

Unique plugins and tools to create custom hierarchies and workflows will change how your team perceives efficiency. 

Compliance Automation

Let ALEN take care of compliance with automated notifications and workflows through custom plugin.

SaaS Integration

Create a network of your most efficient tools and establish an ecosystem that will optimize performance and employee satisfaction. 

"It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Premergency for all your learning management system needs, value-added software development and prompt customer service."
Iftekhar Islan, Hon. BSc, CQIA
Business System Manager - Sunnybrook Centre for PreHospital Care
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The Power of ALEN

Premergency Inc. has develop specialized Training Programs powered by ALEN. These platforms leverage the capabilities of ALEN to address specific needs across different industries, maintaining a high-level of compliance.

ALEN offers a variety of tools to create engaging courses and interactive environments that will enagage the user and keep track of performance, documentation, workflows, and collaboration.

Go ALEN Mobile!

The ALEN Mobile App allows your team to access their training, documentation and workflows from any mobile device.

They have options to download training to work offline and upload their documents or certifications directly from their phone, as well as built-in messaging, notifications and more. 

ALEN Mobile eLearning App

Discover growth beyond learning

ALEN LMS is a network of strategic solutions to innovate your professional development ecosystem, creating a seamless and engaging experience.

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